The ‘Uber of online casino’ FunFair shows what it can do with roulette demo

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by Abi Moses on Friday 3rd November, 2017

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A quick, blockchain-based roulette game was showcased for the very first time during the IGaming Super Show. The show took place in Amsterdam during the summer, showcasing something brilliant for the gaming industry!

This is the latest product of FunFair, a brand new casino platform that’s entirely based on the Ethereum blockchain, created by Jez San, the founder of PKR, the first 3D online poker plaform.

His new company, FunFair, is set to become the leader in the world of blockchain casino. It’s set to provide cheap, fast and functional games all at the same time.

The ‘smart contract’ feature of Ethereal creates a gaming environment which can’t be corrupted. It ultimately provides players with a 100% guarantee that the games they are playing aren’t rigged in any shape or form.

As well as boating the fastest roulette wheel around, it is said to be a lot less expensive for the casino to implement. This is due to the the technology that the company uses, according to processing a transaction.

The new game includes high-resolution graphics as well as low fees for transactions. Players are set to pay transaction fees at the start of the session and at the end.

Though for the time being, FunFair roulette is in its testing phase, though open to everyone who is curious about the concept.

FunFair is a company which wants to change the face of online gaming as we know it today. With their faster, cheaper, and provably fair technology, they want to do online casino what Uber did for urban transport.

However, FunFair will not run the casino itself. It will only provide the games and back-end support for its operators.

The concept has been accepted, due to the company raising approximately $26 million during the token pre-sale. This was similar to a fundraiser. The results for the second phase of the token sale is set to be released.