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Having stormed onto the scene a few years ago, Mr Green is now one of the go-to sites when looking for online casino experiences. This week, the digital casino announced details of a new 3D live product, stamping their name in the future of igaming. Whilst a big announcement, many brands have recently been testing innovative tech such as AI and VR; but is MR Green's 3D casino more than a simple PR gimmick. Well according to its creators; absolutely!  
Using blue screen technology to simulate a physical casino experience, the Live Beyond Live product has been hailed a success already, with Mr Green joining forces with the amazing NetEnt to turn their idea into a reality.  
Having met at a convention last year, to Green knew that NetEnt was the right partner to collaborate with on this venture: Mr Green Ltd CEO, Jesper Karrbrink, said:   
“This is a vision coming true. We had a vision of being more entertaining. We want to be the most entertaining casino out there. We all know that the live casino is growing like crazy, it is where the people want to be and we want to take that further so we came up with this idea, Live Beyond Live.”   
Wanting to prove the most unique online casino experience the internet has to offer, the project is at a stage where audio is currently the focus, with NetEnt wanting payers to get as close to the real things as possible. However, there is a certain gaming aspect to Live Beyond Live.  
Set in a penthouse in Los Angeles, the settings add a sense of narrative to playing live casino.   
“Who knows, in future we could perhaps play on his yacht in the Mediterranean, in his castle in Scotland, etc, etc,” Karrbrink continues.   
Let us know what you think; is 3D technology mapping the way for live casino? Leave your comments with us.